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  • Rachel - Resource Loading Toolkit  v.2.0.b1Rachel is an open-source resource loading toolkit for Java Web Start/JNLP. Rachel vastly simplifies resource loading for Java Web Start/JNLP apps by offering a URL handler for class:// and an embeddable, multi-threaded, ultra light-weight Web ...
  • Raistlin SOA Container  v.rcRaistlin is a fork of the "retired" Apache Merlin/Avalon projects. Raistlin is a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) container built upon the Java platform providing common features such as logging, dependency management, configuration, and ...
  • Smart Client Container  v.rc.1.1The Smart Client Container is an extended J2EE container for application clients. It features local session beans and smart ejb-refs with interceptors and a transport abstraction (RMI / ...
  • Priority Managing Container Library  v.1.0The priority managing container library extends the C++ STL stack and queue containers, allowing the assignment of a priority to each object in the container and providing various schemes for managing those priorities.
  • Java Open Robot Container  v.1.0Container for robot/environment simulation. The container simulates an environment, and gives to the robots living in it access to sensor views.The goal of this project is to provide the open source community a tool for robot behavior test and challeng ...
  • Lechuga IoC Container  v.1.0Lechuga is an ultra-lightweight Annotation-based IoC Container that brings you the benefits of Dependency-Injection and Inversion of Control patterns for your Java applications, with a tiny non-intrusive API.
  • Siplet Container  v.1.0sipletcontainer is a java based Sip Servlet Container implemented as per the "Sip Servlet Api 1.0" specification. The default application composition model has been implemented to allow the users to route the same request to different ...
  • Visual Studio IDE like dock container  v.1.0This project contains an open source implementation of a dock container similar with the one from Visual Studio IDE.
  • C++ Container Framework  v.1.0C++ based container/plugin manager that loads plugins from libraries and starts them at runtime. By default it provides a ThreadPool, Socket classes (ServerSocket, Socket ,Multiplexor)and a minimalist HTTP Parser. Container is configured using xml.
  • MOTAN - the fast C++ servlet container  v.1.0Servlet Container modeled after the Java Servlet API 2.3. Written in C++. Developers implement C++ servlets in dynamic library. HTTP adaptor included.
  • Iky Container  v.rcJava IoC Container Framework. Provides constructor type IoC, RMI integration and XML configuration support for container.
  • LiQ Container  v.1.0.rc1LiQ Container is a generic factory utility written in Java. It supports developers to create robust and reusable applications more easily.
  • Mini-Container  v.1.0The project is a IoC and AOP java Container. 1 it is very lightweight, just one litter jar. 2 Support IoC and AOP. 3 Support SOA in JVM. 4 Can integrate with the SpringFramework.
  • PHP Portlet Container  v.1.0PHP Portlet Container is a portlet application container for PHP 5 that provides an execution environment for portlet applications that implements the PHP Portlet API and it's inspired in the Apache Pluto Java Portlet Container ...
  • Bd Container  v.1.0The bd-Container is an Java implementation of OSGi framework which is an simple (well not so simple :) ) non-remote component container spec. With a little difference. Groovy is used in components to make component substitution more dynamic.
  • Jiplet Container  v.0.2.0Jiplet is short for Java SIP Servlet.
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